Yes, yes, I haven’t updated much. Yes, I’m going to blame school.

Now, there were few things that kept me from writing or doing anything for fun at all. School is one thing (grades, papers, assignments, presentations and all that fun stuff) and I still need to fight for higher grade with my Polish teacher, English and German; the second was my brother’s wedding. Boy was it fun – I had to come back before midnight because I got so sick I had to hug the toilet for few hours.

And now I need to wait for my brother to give me back my pendrive with all my stuff which I left in my jacket. And knowing him, he’ll give it back late.

Okay, let’s finish with the negativity, shoo, shoo.

My certificate will present marvellously. And I’m not being sarcastic, no. The hard work paid off – all nighters, countless presentations etc. And really, I’m surprised. The last week of school will be, well, not really school, I presume.

With all that, I’ll wrap up and promise that soon the blog will be updated.



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