Global Education

Today was very interesting in school. We had workshop which name was “Global Education” and basically the man was guiding me and my class through the subjects such as: poverty, poor South and rich North, what can we do to prevent the exploitation of workers on plantations, the collocation of people and distribution of food in the world…

This class really opened my eyes to different problems that touches the world because of globalization. The worst moment was the distribution of food. We had to group into different continents (guess how many people needs to be put on one continent) and then we got candies to distribute throughout the continents. The thing was, that we had to “become” the people from different parts of the world and take candies.

There were 2 people in South America, 1 person in North America, 3 in Europe, 4 in Africa, 13 in Asia and the distribution went like this: N. America took 3 candies, South America took 6 candies, Europe took 10, Asia took 22 and Africa got 3 because that’s what was left.

Now, let’s look at some mathematics, shall we?

North America: 3/1, South America: 6/2, Europe: 10/3, Asia: 22/13, Africa: 3/4

So in N. America there are 3 candies per person, in S. America there are 2 candies per person, in Europe 3,3 candies per person, in Asia 1,68 candy per person and finally in Africa, 0,75 candy per person.

This is horrible, isn’t it? And there is the worst part: continents with smaller amount of candies are in fact providers of said sweets (it’s a metaphor for food, of course).

What of it? North America and Europe take everything from poorer parts of the world but they don’t give anything in return.

The class showed how Eurocentric our way of thinking is. We like to think stereotypically because that’s easier. It made me reflex on the way I live – and however harsh the assumption may be, I still need to learn a lot. The more I know, the less sure I am of what I actually know.

It was a good day.


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