The test of death

… wasn’t actually test of death. I didn’t die and I managed to write it – I hope I will have a good grade.

Ah yes, grades. I always say that they don’t matter. I’m saying the truth, they don’t really show how much do you know, they don’t show your true abilities. Typical Polish student has a way of triple Z thinking “zakuj, zdaj, zapomnij” which can roughly translate to “learn, pass, forget”. Now, how sad it is?

When I was a kid, I loved to learn new things! I was curious about life and world, I wanted to explore and know. Then I went to school – first few years weren’t so bad. But when the first grade appeared (which was good, I must admit) I thought: “Why am I studying? For grades or for knowledge?”. I wish I could say the latter.

Children are curious and they want to learn! Teens are not lazy, they just have so much work that they stop caring about school. Sadly, I became that person who just goes to school because I have to. I wish I could go to school with desire to learn and to know.

Now, who is to blame? Teachers? No, they are only doing what they have to do. They get subjects they have to complete. Students? No, they would learn if they were interested. System? Probably. Can we change it? Probably not.

The sadness of what I’m trying to say is, school ruins the desire to posses knowledge. You need to learn because you need to pass. I hate that.



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