My name is Paulina and I created this blog mainly to upload my original story titled “In the darkness”. I will add character profiles for reference, a link to timeline (once I make it readable) and chapters, that are (hopefully) after beta-read. I’m still looking for a beta reader though, so before I upload any chapter of the story I need to find appropriate person to critique and tell me how to improve.

I’m not a published writer, but I do intent to become one someday. But that’s still long way to go.

Since I’m still a student, I can’t spend much time writing, especially not at this moment (school work, tiring end of the year)… I hope I can keep up with updating.

I’m very tired now, and the endless pile of homework is looking at me procrastinating, so before it eats me, I should put myself together and do it. Oh, the glorious test of the death coming tomorrow.

Thank you for reading, hope you will enjoy my blog and stay tuned for updates on the story.



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